Saturday, May 10, 2008

Meet Netta

We found Netta trotting down a county road a few miles outside of town in late April, 2008. She was tired and hungry, but otherwise in good shape. We had the space for another dog so we decided to take her home. I made up posters with her photo and put them up in our town and neighboring ones, but no one ever called.

She looks like she might be a Black Mouth Cur, or some mix containing it. I plan to send some photos of her to a breeder to see what he thinks, since I've never seen examples of the breed in person.

Netta is a very energetic young dog, but she calms down pretty quickly once she is given a task to do. She bonded to me within a day, and needs a lot of attention to keep her happy.

Current Training

Netta came to us completely untrained. I've been working on her loose leash walking, and she improves every day.

Training Goals

Basic obedience and reliable house training are the main goals right now.

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