Saturday, May 10, 2008

Meet Bibb

Bibb showed up in town almost a week after we found Netta, and he made a beeline for our house. He spent a week hanging around our yard, but he would disappear down the alley if anyone approached him. He was very skittish, and despite being hungry he was very wary of the food I put out for him. He spent a week observing me as I worked with Netta before he worked up the courage to approach me. In that moment, his demeanor changed absolutely. He went from an aloof, nervous loner to a fawning love bug.

Bibb looks a lot like Netta, and they both were strays at about the same time, so I strongly suspect that they both came from the same place.

He has a very sweet personality, but it seems likely that he was abused at some point. He cringes if he is approached too quickly, especially by a man.

Current Training

I don't think he had any training before he came to me, but he is picking things up so quickly that it's hard to tell. He's the furthest along with loose leash walking, despite being the newest addition. I introduced the sit, and within minutes he was sitting automatically whenever I stopped, before I could even give the cue.

Training Goals

Basic obedience and house training, to start. After that I'll have a better idea of his talents for further training.

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